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Sacha Inchi at Suan Wanlada Pakchong
Suan Wanlada Farm is located at Pakchong Nakornratchasrima, Thailand.

Sacha Inchi at Suan Wanlada

Line id : @suanwanlada

Tel: 084-520-2921

Sacha Inchi Tea from Suan Wanlada Farm has a good flavor and taste. Moreover, it is gluten free and contains Antioxidants, leading to health benefits. It is known to help reduce blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure as well as aiding better calcium absorption, thereby maintaining bone density. It is also reputed to aid in a more restful sleep!

For Sacha Inchi herbal tea, we produce the highest quality herbal tea from Sacha Inchi trees from Suan Wanlada, which is an organic plant in Thailand.  This tea is a tasty, healthy alternative to your regular cup

Email : Suanwanlada@gmail.com



SuanWanlada on Shopee

SuanWanlada on Shopee


วิธีทำชา จาก ใบถั่วดาวอินคา (ชาดาวอินคา Sacha Inchi Tea)

          ถั่วดาวอินคามีสรรพคุณมากมาย  ใบจากถั่วดาวอินคา สามารถนำใบแก่ซึ่งอุดมไปด้วยคุณประโยชน์  ซึ่งมีลักษณะสีเขียวเข้ม  นำมาทำเ...

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Where to Find Sacha Inchi Shop Thailand:
Suan Wanlada
8/8 Semamongkol, Pakchong District
Nakornratchasima, Thailand
Tel + (668)4-520-2921
email: suanwanlada@gmail.com
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